I made this video after my travel this summer. I tried to avoid the Venice cliché and yet at the same time capture some of the magic of the city. And also the challenges of the city…


Venice – A different take

2 thoughts on “Venice – A different take

  1. Kristin, what a charming little movie!

    So funny about the plus-one issue. I personally feel uncomfortable visiting restaurants alone, though I really hate that about myself. Cafes are different, because there it’s okay to have the company of a book or my computer, or to write (and I’m leaving to do that in a few minutes), but I guess it’s difficult for me ANYwhere to just sit. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I truly do love people-watching, so if I don’t have something there to distract me my eyes will be everywhere and people might think I’m rude after awhile. Also, though, I feel very naked when alone in a place where everyone else is not so, and I do not like being stared at. I can’t even just sit at my own home, though–i have to be reading something or studying or writing or moving. I could use some meditative practice, I’m sure. Thanks for posting!

    • I go out to dinner alone all the time, simply because I cannot work up the energy to cook for myself, and I am too much of a food wreck to eat frozen dinners (although I have done that A LOT lately – the ultimate +0 cliché). I usually bring something to read or write on, but if I have forgotten to, I just daydream. I am an expert at sitting in a chair doing absolutely nothing but think about everything and nothing. I have always been like that. Maybe I’m REALLY slow at processing things. I don’t know.

      Actually, at the Venetian restaurant where you see that ugly table cloth I was confronted with eating alone. A guy my age sat together with another guy and overheard me saying to the waitress: «Table for one, please.» He looked at me and said: «Table for one!?!?! Are you sure you will be okay?» I laughed it off and said «Yes!» Later the waitress was taking a dessert order from that same guy, when he suggested they share it. She rejected him quite brutally. «I hated what you said to that girl,» she replied. And then she gave him a really hard time for being rude to me. In the end the guy came over to my table and apologized. I made it very clear that I could not care less about what he thought about me dining alone. And then the whole story came, about him being too scared to travel and eat alone and how much he admired me and blah blah blah… Weird.

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